Worked Percentage Reminder

March 30, 2017

Employers are required to report employees worked percentage at the time of registration and when reporting the year-end if the Employment Type is P - part-time. Registration is (10-1) and Year-End (18-4).

The worked percentage is the employee's current Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) or ratio of hours/days worked and the hours/days worked by an equivalent full-time employee expressed as a percentage. E.g. Part-time .50 would be 50.00.

Worked Percentage is optional for full-time employees. If they are full-time, the Worked Percentage will default to 100.00.

If this information is inputted incorrectly, projection estimates for members will be affected.

If you have any issues or concerns with how to input this correctly, please call your employer services representative.

- Employer Services