Statement from Alberta Pensions Services Corporation (APS) Board Chair

May 27, 2015

APS President and CEO Karen Adams was named to the position by the APS Board in 2012 following an extensive search for a leader of the pensions administration organization. An international banker by background, Ms. Adams has brought significant experience to APS and has led the implementation of a major technology initiative while improving employee engagement.

Ms. Adams was hired with the full understanding that her husband and two adolescent children would remain in Ontario. Her employment contract provides for travel expenses and acknowledges that when Ms. Adams conducts business in Ontario there would be no accommodation costs.

She publicly discloses her business expenses. Ms. Adams' base salary was set in her 2012 contract with no annual increases. Ms. Adams has a residence in Alberta and, as many business leaders, she effectively uses technology to transcend geography.

Al Mondor, FCA
APS Board Chair

All media inquiries should be directed to Gail Gravelines, Corporate Communications Director, at or (780) 690-3518.