Adult Interdependent Partners

Adult Interdependent Partners who do not otherwise meet the definition of pension partner are not eligible for a division of pension benefits. However, new rules allow the member adult interdependent partner to request information about the value of their Management Employees Pension Plan (MEPP), Supplementary Retirement Plan (SRP) for Public Service Managers, Public Service Management (Closed Membership) Pension Plan (PSM(CM)PP, pension benefit. These statements can be used to demonstrate the pension accrued during the period of interdependence. To request a statement, the member must submit a written request with the following information:

  • the signature of the member;
  • the full name, current address, and current phone number the MEPP member;
  • a beginning and end date of the period of interdependence. The end date must be either a date before the request, or the date of the request; and
  • if the request is from, or is to go to, a MEPP member's lawyer, we require an authorization signed by the member allowing us to share the estimate with that lawyer.

Please note, only the member adult interdependent partner may request this statement. A copy will not be provided to the member's adult interdependent partner.