New On-line Service for Pensioners

April 2, 2015

Retired members can now go online to, view their pension payments, print their T4A tax slips and update their personal information any time they want. Pensioners can also send and receive documents through the new, secure mailbox.

"This new service puts pensioners in control. They can choose to see their payments, send documents or update their personal information when they want to," says Vlad Ahmad, APS Business Technology Vice President, who is leading the development of the improved portal. "They can do everything online now except change, or add to, a Marital Property Order."

Here’s how pensioners can go on-line to use the new service:

1. Pensioners are receiving letters throughout April and May giving them their new member identifier number. This replaces their former pension number. The letter provides step by step instructions on how to register to use the new service.

2. Pensioners calling into Alberta Pensions Services (APS) to change addresses or update banking information are being advised that they can also use the new online service. Member Services representatives are walking them through the registration process.