Fort McMurray Wildfires

May 6, 2016

Karen Adams

Karen Adams
President and Chief Executive Officer

Alberta Pension Services Corporation (APS) is working hard to support Clients in Fort McMurray and the surrounding area. The organization will do as much as it can to ensure members and pensioners are looked after during their time of need.

Steps APS has taken include:

  1. A vast majority of our existing pensioners are paid via direct deposit, however there are instances where a handful of clients still receive a paper cheque. APS has determined which pensioners in the Fort McMurray area are paid via paper cheque, and has been attempting to contact these individuals to arrange alternate payment arrangements.

  2. APS has looked at pending retirements and payouts for clients in the area. Pending retirements may require paperwork from the member, which will not be a priority for them at this point. However, access to funds is indeed a priority for any members in this area, and APS will ensure this occurs.

APS will make every effort to ensure our members have timely access to their funds - whether this means driving a cheque out to them, taking it to a bank for deposit into a member's account, or having it couriered to them.

APS is proud to support its fellow Albertans at this time of need.