APS Receives Regional and International Awards

June 8, 2017

Alberta Pensions Services Corporation (APS) was the recipient of a number of awards that exhibit our continued mission to deliver efficient and effective pension services while collaborating and working closely with the Pension Plan Boards and Stakeholders.

2017 Project Management Institute Northern Alberta Chapter (PMINAC)

     PMINAC Project of the Year — Overall
     Next Generation — APS

     PMINAC Project of the Year — Business
     Transformation/Strategy Category
     Next Generation — APS

In 2010, Next Generation, a major, multi-year business technology transformation initiative was undertaken by APS to implement a new pension services application to replace three pension administration systems. The scope of change was extensive and the success of the implementation hinged on the acceptance and willingness of the people involved. Technology was replaced, and definitions and processes were changed. This had an extensive impact on every aspect of the business, and resulted in significant adaptation of business processes and to how APS delivered services. APS’ entire way of working had to be overhauled and relearned.

At the PMINAC Conference, if none of the projects submitted for awards meet the exact criteria for an award in that category, no prizes are awarded. At this year’s conference, only two projects won awards: APS’ Next Generation Project in the Business Transformation/Strategy category, and the building of Rogers Place in the category of Construction and Infrastructure Project.

Up against the legendary $604 million project marvel, Rogers Place, APS’ Next Generation project also received Overall Project of the Year.

“Before Next Generation, we paid pensions. We still pay pensions - we just do it better and faster. We are proud to be able to support Alberta’s growing pension needs for the baby boomers and the next generation to come”

-Genevieve Groat, Executive Director, Client Operations

2017 International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Edmonton Capital Awards

Awards of Excellence — 5
Awards of Merit — 2

IABC Edmonton is the local chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators, which connects more than 15,000 passionate communicators (in more than 80 countries). The Edmonton chapter is the 3rd largest IABC chapter in North America.

Always a LAPP Ahead - Lapp.ca Redesign

The goal of the website is for Local Authorities Pension Plan (LAPP) members to take a vested interest in their pensions. The site is user-friendly, incorporating a new, fun and illustrative way to engage members and reassure them that their pension is in good hands. A custom LAPP-branded character and tagline was developed to enhance the LAPP brand.

“The work sample clearly showed [a] very visual site with diversity shown in both age and ethnicity in the illustrations, aligning with the broad diversity of audience as outlined in the sample. Great job!”

“[It is] nice to see someone being friendly about pensions.”

-IABC Judges Feedback

     Award of Excellence — Communication Skills, Digital      Communication
     Always a LAPP Ahead — Website Redesign (APS & ALAPP Corp.)

     Award of Merit — Communication Skills, Writing
     Always a LAPP Ahead — Writing (APS & ALAPP Corp.)

Next Generation Project Communications

In 2010, APS began a major, multi-year business technology transformation initiative named ‘Next Generation’ that implemented the new pension services application to replace three pension administration systems. This project had an extensive impact on every aspect of APS’ business, and resulted in significant adaptation to business processes and how APS delivered services.

The internal communications goal was to unify APS staff to ensure they were confident to move forward with the launch of the new system. The external communications goal was to proactively meet the needs of Employers and Plan Boards.

“Very impressed with the execution of this strategy, especially the ongoing monitoring and adjustments built into it.”

“You have captured the complex challenges of technology change initiatives...the complex interplay of people and processes. This is a very challenging project that might have daunted a less determined communication team. I admire your efforts!”

-IABC Judges Feedback

Awards of Excellence:

     Communication Management, Government Communication      Programs
     Expectation Management — Next Generation (APS)

     Communication Management, Issues Management & Crisis      Communication
     Expectation Management — Next Generation (APS)

     Communication Management, Internal Communication
     Keeping up the Change — Next Generation (APS)

     Communication Management, Government Communication      Programs
     Keeping up the Change — Next Generation (APS)

Award of Merit:

     Communication Management, Change Communication
     Keeping up the Change — Next Generation (APS)

2017 International Customer Management Institute (ICMI)

     Global Contact Center Awards — Most Improved Contact

APS’ contact center is the hub of frontline pension plan member communication, and it received this award for best exemplifying an execution of improved customer service. APS was up against over 100 entries in this category, and finalists included Wells Fargo — Treasury Management.

APS has been recognized for continuous improvements, further solidifying our commitment to providing quality, valuable, skilled services to more than 500 participating employers across Alberta and pension-related services to over 350,000 members and pensioners.