Next Generation Update: Training and Support

May 4, 2016

It's officially May! The countdown to Go Live is on.

ln preparation for June 1, you may be wondering what our expectations are from you, our employers and how we plan on assisting you through the transition to the new Employer Portal.

How can you prepare for Go Live?

Our employer training team has been out on the road meeting you all face-to-face and will continue to do so into early June. You may have already had the opportunity to experience some of the training programs we offer.

Webinars -Over the last month we facilitated over thirty hours of webinars. with over two hundred attendees. Webinar learning has been an important tool for employers who are in a remote location and/or who are unable to attend full-day training. For anyone who has missed the webinars,they have been recorded and are posted online at:

Face-to-face training- Our process and technical training continues around the province. We have met hundreds of our employers so far and have really appreciated the open and honest feedback you have shared with us. Over the next few weeks, we will be answering some of the FAQs we have received, here on Pension e-news. You can still sign up for training in Employer Online Services.

Pension e-guide - The Pension e-guide was updated in January with an Employer Portal and is your user guide for the new system. lt's your one-stop-shop for all of the material that we have created for learning, policy and administration. ln the guide, we have created tutorials, workflows and step-by-step instructions to help you administer pensions.

You can always contact your employer services representative for extra assistance.

How will APS be available to support you post Go Live?

As we approach Go Live, we will be offering a beefed up version of support for employers When an issue arises while using the new Employer Portal. follow there are three ways to access support:
STEP ONE: Visit Pension e-guide
STEP TWO: Contact your Employer Services Representative

We have increased the number of employer services representatives who will be available on the phone to answer your questions. If you have questions or concerns post Go live. we would love to take the opportunity to walk you through your question over the phone.

When you speak with your employer services representative, they will have the ability to see what you are seeing in the new Employer Portal,to help troubleshoot your issue.

APS' STEP THREE: Field Representatives

Still having troubles after visiting Pension e-guides and speaking with your employer services rep?

As part of our support plan, we will have training representatives in the field, located throughout the province to assist you in person if major issues arise. Our field representatives are working together with the employer services team to maximize support.

APS Internal Support Team

Our support team is made up of subject matter experts from throughout APS as well as a team from our vendor, Morneau Shepell, who will be on call to help you.
We look forward to assisting you through this transition.


I have heard that the 0ptional Service process is changing. Can you tell me more?

The first change is in the name - Optional Service will now be called Buybacks. Each request for a costing of service {whether from a Leave of Absence transaction - 18-A/18-M, or a request via 136/137 form) will result in the production of a Buyback Proposal. This was previously called a Notice of Cost.

The biggest change you will notice as an employer is that Buyback Proposals will now be sent directly to the member, not to you. With each Buyback Proposal, there will be an Election to Purchase that must be returned by the member. Members will be instructed to supply a copy to APS, and to you. their employer. Elections to purchase must be returned to APS within 90 days of the Proposal costing date. For leaves of absence submitted during year-end processing. the election to purchase must be returned to APS by the earlier of 90 days or April 30th.

You can obtain information regarding all Buyback Proposals that have been generated by running the "Buybacks Generated" report and the "Summary of All Buybacks" report. These reports will supply you with the information regarding all Buyback Proposals and their status- "Proposed" and "Acquired".

"Changes to Life Event processes. policy ond forms will be posted on Pension e-guide. A link will be sent to you when they are ready to be viewed.

What happens if I submit a Remittance with buyback details, and I don't correct my validations immediately?

If you do not correct the validations in your Remittance, the Remittance will not complete. Therefore, the buyback contributions included in that remittance will not be credited for the members' accounts. This means that the account balances will not be updated in APS' database. and the balance owing in the Buyback Search Tool will not be accurate. As well, if the payment arrives at APS with no coresponding remittance on file, you will have an unapplied credit appearing in Stage 3 of your next remittance.

Troy Diakow
Executive Director, Employer and Member Services, Client Operations