Employer Training Webinars

November 25, 2016

Webinars will begin the week of November 28, and will be offered over a period of two weeks. To help you feel more comfortable with the year-end process, we are offering two webinars: Year-End and Reports.

The Year-End webinar will cover the year-end process in the Portal, addressing the topics of compiling year-end data, testing and submitting details.

The Reports webinar focuses on identifying which reports will assist you with your reconciliation process, as well as identifies what information is captured in the different year-end reports.

Please note: it is strongly suggested that you have attended a 2016 Fall Training session or the Year-End webinar before attending the Reports webinar, as the focus will be on reports and not on the year-end process.

Registration dates will be published on the Employer Education webinar calendar today. To register for the session(s) of your choice, please use the following link: www.apsc.ca/webinar/employer.

- Client Education Team