Next Gen Update

June 23, 2016

Good afternoon.

It's hatd to believe that we nave now begun week three with the New Employer Portal and wow, have you been busy. Throughout the last 22 days, you, our employers, have completed 1085 remittances for a total of $337,623,342.62! Incredible!

Whilte we are very pleased with the transitions to the new Employer Portal, we are mindful that there are still glitches to be sorted out. The team here at APS and Morneau Shepell are working diligently together to find solutions and address these situations as quickly as possible.

As always, our promise is to continually update you as improvements are made.

Our Approach

As our team continues to work on fine tuning the Employer Portal, we have a number of software releases scheduled for July and August that will address some of the situations you may be experiencing now.

Thank you to everyone who has connected with us throughout the last month, either through a visiting field representative, your employer service representative, or through our secure mailbox. Your comments and feedback have been crucial to the success of this project and we ask that you continue to keep the lines of communications open with us.

System Glitches

Some of our employers have had remittances which have not been successfully completed. When dealing with buybacks, you may have recieved a validation message which has not allowed full completion. We understand that this has added complexiety and additional challenges to the work you do in reporting this information to us. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

APS has been working very closely with our vendors and we are happy to report that fixes to the following known glitches will be implemented very shortly:


1. When submitting buybacks for multiple members, the validation recieved for the membership record is: "More than one record in Ariel matches with the file information. Please validate and correct."

2. Mutliple Remittances with buybacks are rejecting for "Partial Member Error - More than one record in Ariel matches with the file information. Please validate and correct the information if necessary."

Both of these situtations can be deferred or left as it until the software fix has been implemented. In order to defer, you can move the amounts to overpayment which will create a credit note in the ER portal for all amounts in that remittance that were moved to overpayment. Then once the fix is in place you can resubmit those transactions.

Manual Interventions

In some instances when the Employer Portal validates the data collection, inconsistencies can be found that will require updates to the Employer/Member record. These updates cannot be completed automatically by the Employer Portal and must be completed manually by an Employer Services Rep.

The types of data changes that require manual intervention are:

  • Commencement of "contribution date" changes - The employer has changed that date that the member has started making contributions to the pension plan.
  • Change to the "termination date" of the member
  • Change to the "date of birth" of the member

Additonally, there are circumstances where, after speaking with your Employer Services Rep. it may be determined that manual intervention will be required for:

i Exception based transaction processing (extenuation circumstances related to leave reporting or buyback payments)

ii Allowing transactions to process despite an issue in the portal that is preventing transaction processing.

Discussing your specific situation with your Employer Services Rep. first is the best way to determine the correct course of action.

Troy Diakow
Executive Director, Client Services