Next Gen Training Annoucement

February 5, 2016

Hello everyone, As you all know, last week, the Alberta Pensions Services executive team confirmed a Go decision for the May 30 Go Live date of the new and improved Employer Portal (EP), which will replace Employer Online Services (EOS).

Eventually. the new system will give employers greater control over information and better access to employee benefits. On our side, APS will be able to respond to employer and member needs faster than ever.

In order to get there, everyone needs to attend the training programs we have arranged for you and your teams.

Training registration is available right now on EOS. We anticipate a learning curve for our team and yours, when the new Employer Portal is live. Being well educated about the new ponal will help make the process easier for everyone - as well as ensuring that the employer and APS comply with pension rules and regulations.

The deadline to register for training is March 1. Please make sure you register now, as training slots will fill quickly.

There are two sessions that we HIGHLY SUGGEST all employers attend in person:

Technical Training

Technical training will involve hands-on exercises. This is your chance to feel out the system and to ask questions. Topics covered will include:

  • User Admin and Navigation
  • Remittances & Buybacks
  • Data Collection
  • Validations

Process Training

Process training will cover procedures needed for Next Generation. Topics covered will include:

  • New Process & Procedures
  • New Member Artifacts
  • Employer Portal Reports

Our full training days start at 9:00am, and runs to 4:00pm with on hour for lunch (not provided). There is no charge for the training. There is a range of dotes to choose from. Co to EDS and click on the Education tab to register for your first choices now.

The best way to learn the new system is through our in-person training, however, if you are not able to attend. the following webinars will be available for sign up here:
We look forward to meeting you all and are excited to introduce you to the new Employer Portal

Your Client Education Training Team