Pension e-news

August 7, 2015

Employer Portal Go Live Date Extended to 2016

Following a rigorous review of the new Employer Portal's state of readiness, the APS Senior Leadership Team (SLT) decided today to extend the new Employer Portal go live date to 2016.

Updated implementation timelines will be provided in September.

APS is committed to providing a quality experience when we go live with the new Employer Portal. July user acceptance and business readiness testing demonstrated that performance improvements are required. APS will invest the additional time to ensure employers are trained and supported to fully benefit from the new system.

Training update
Employer portal training scheduled for August 18 to October 30 is now cancelled. APS apologizes for the inconvenience this change in training focus has on your organization's members who were anticipating Employer Portal training. Employers will receive the usual fall training schedule in a few weeks.

Investing in building confidence and competence
APS will invest the time provided by the extension of the Employer Portal implementation to ensure employers enjoy the benefits it will deliver. Please watch this short animation that outlines what you will experience.

Please contact your Next Generation contact for further information and/or support. If you are unaware of your Next Generation contact, contact your Employer Services Representative at 1-877-391-3675.