Pension e-news

August 30, 2016

Dear Employers,

In July. we laid out our system update plans for the following two months.

We are happy to share that our first system update has now been released into production. For a refreshed list of software fixes, please reference the front page of Pension e-guide.

Details of the next system update will be announced as we finalize our testing and are closer to implementation.

We thank you for your continued patience and work in handling manual adjustments to complete transactions. We realize this is not an ideal state and we continue to work hard to increase performance and processing ability of the Employer Portal.


APS continues to implement scripts to address data collections and remittances that are not progressing through the system. Scripts are applied individually, on a case-by-case basis; your Employer Services Representative will reach out to you if any of your non-complete remittances are now resolved and can be processed further.


The periodic reporting of buyback contracts and the member data summary buyback sub status reports have been restored in the Employer Portal. These reports were previously removed due to a technical issue which has now been resolved.

APS has created additional reports to help you manage buybacks. There is now a daily buyback summary report. a weekly buyback alert report and a monthly direct-to-APS payments report that will be delivered to you in EOS as they are produced. These reports are almost identical to the ones you would have received in EOS prior to Go Live. We realize these reports are important to your day-to-day work and are happy to be able to add them back.

Your continued feedback as we head into year end will help us identify other areas we are able to assist you.

Verification of Employment and Salary Information form (AP151)

APS has updated the AP151 form. It is no longer used to verify the member's date of birth. It is used to request verification of employment and salary information. APS will complete the first section and forward it to the employer. The new form is available on Pension e-guide, along with completion instructions. Please refer toe-guide if you need further information about how to fill out the new form.

We are pleased to be able to bring these updates to you and once again, appreciate your patiance and understanding as we fine tune the Employer Portal.

Sincerely, TROY DIAKOW Executive Director, Client Services