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August 25, 2015

New Employer Portal Launches May 30

APS has selected May 30, 2016 as the Go Live date for the Employer Portal.

Employers' needs were a key factor in determining the new Go Live date. APS consulted a number of employers to establish a timeline that would minimize the impact on employer operations.

APS is confident the new project timeline will ensure a quality experience for employers and members.

APS' commitment to providing a quality experience at Go Live means:

  • The system works on critical business processes from end-to-end;
  • Employers are ready to use the new Employer Portal;
  • Support systems are in place for employers after Go Live.

Fall employer training continues and an updated fall workshop schedule is online in Employer Online Services (EOS) which will include:

  • Year-end preparation
  • Compliance
  • A "sneak peek" at the Employer Portal

Key Project Dates in 2016

March 25 Go / No Go Quality checkpoint
April 4 Employer training begins
Cutover and Transition begins
May 20 System freeze begins
May 30 Go Live date
June Go Live (exact date to be determined)
For information or support, contact your Employer Services Representative at 1-877-391-3675.

Troy Diakow, Executive Director, APS Client Services