APS Business Plan sets plan for success

March 5, 2019

Alberta Pensions Services (APS) is on the path to success in an evolving pension landscape, President and CEO Darwin Bozek announced at a recent corporate event.

Changes in pension governance, developments in technology and shifting demographics are all transforming the way APS needs to do business. The APS 2019-2021 Business Plan provides a three-year blueprint to position APS for these changes.

"APS continues working hard to be one of the top pension services providers in Canada, with overall service that ranks above the national average of our peers," said Bozek. "During the next three years our plan sets goals to strengthen the reliability of our services, spark innovation to enhance the member experience, and guide us to operational excellence. APS will do all this while strengthening our relationships with clients."

Bozek noted the pension industry is changing, particularly with a transition to independent governance for three of Alberta's public sector pension plans. APS is committed to working alongside clients to manage through the changes.

The themes of the business plan were announced at an all-employee event in February, drawing a direct line from APS' strategic priorities to operational goals. Bozek also talked about building on the strengths of APS and further enhancing services for Alberta's public sector pension plans and their members.

"Our vision is bold. APS will be the provider of best-in-class service, and we will become a trusted partner in the success of our clients," he said.