Canada Post service interruption

Alberta Pensions Services Corporation (APS) is working hard to make sure it's business as usual for our members, pensioners and employers during the Canada Post service interruption.

If your regular payments are directly deposited to your bank account, a mail disruption won't affect your monthly benefits. If you still receive cheques, contact the Member Services Centre to sign up for direct deposits, or to make other arrangements.

Other APS mail can be sent via fax or email, or dropped off/picked up at the APS office. Also, the new, secure mailbox on mypensionplan is a fantastic way of delivering documents.

For assistance, members can contact the Member Services Centre:

  • LAPP Members: 1-877-649-LAPP (5277)
  • PSPP Members: 1-877-453-1PSP (1777)
  • MEPP Members: 1-877-889-MEPP (6377)
  • SFPP Members: 1-877-809-SFPP (7377)
  • Other Plans' Members: 1-800-358-0840
  • Fax: 780-421-1652
  • E-mail:

For employer representatives of APS administered pension plans


  • 1-877-422-4748 (toll free in North America)

If you live outside of North America, please call our international toll-free phone number: enter your country's international calling/access code, then 1-800-661-81988 (local long distance dialling rules will apply).

Your international calling code may vary by country. Please confirm with your local telephone service provider before dialling.

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