2014 APS Annual Report - Planning With Purpose

June 21, 2015

At APS, we are making pensions part of the plan. We know that people often don't think about pensions until retirement is on the horizon. APS wants to help our clients understand that pensions should be part of planning at every stage of life.

Our 2014 Annual Report explains how we are working to do that and details the success we had in 2014.

We managed approximately $5.6 billion in pension plan transactions, up from $5.1 billion in 2013. The people we serve appreciate our services. Satisfaction scores remained high—86 per cent for clients and 85 per cent for employers—all while APS was implementing the first phase of Next Generation, our major business transformation project.

The 2014 APS Annual Report can be found under the Publications section of the Corporation's website: www.apsc.ca.