About APS

Who we are

Alberta Pensions Services Corporation (APS) guides the pension experience on behalf of Alberta's public sector pension plans. APS was incorporated in 1995 under Alberta's Business Corporations Act with the Government of Alberta as the sole Shareholder.

What we do

We provide administrative services to more than 500 participating employers across Alberta.

We also provide pension-related services to over 370,000 members and pensioners.

We manage approximately $6 billion in pension plan funds annually through receipts and disbursements to and from employers, members and other pension plans.

Just a few of the trusted pension services we provide include:

  • Contributions management
  • Member, pensioner and employer information management
  • Member, pensioner and employer communications
  • Benefit calculations
  • Benefit disbursements
  • Plan board services
  • Policy development and implementation
  • Communications design and delivery
  • Compliance, regulatory and plan financial reporting

How we serve

APS Team Members

APS provides pension administration services to nine public sector pension plans, including two supplementary retirement plans. These services are provided under contracts with the Alberta Crown and with three corporations established by the Joint Governance of Public Sector Pension Plans Act (Alberta):

Why we do it

Our vision

Relentlessly pursuing excellence in pension benefits administration, to serve those who serve Albertans.

APS Member Services

Our mission

As a pension benefits administrator serving Albertans, we are knowledgeable, caring professionals committed to guiding the pension experience, delivering the highest standard of accurate, cost-effective service.

Our values

All employees at APS take pride in three common elements:

SERVICE - we make every interaction count
QUALITY - what we do, we do well
ACCOUNTABILITY - we take responsibility

We are driven by our values to always do the right thing.